See how RPA  improve your HR Department

Focus on human, not paperwork


Employee on-boarding faster
3 months
ROI on payroll automation

Restore 50% of your HR working time

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) help to handle boring, repetitive tasks, so your employees can focus more on innovative jobs and strategic thinking. HR departments all over the world are using RPA to redeem up to 50% of their working hours, and making happier workplace.

Existing HR systems

Automate processes in your existing HR department.

Robots Creation

Create robots quickly with our editor.

Artificial Intelligent

Improve automations with Artificial Intelligence (AI) via our easy-to-use interface.

Reconstruct workflow of your HR department

Talent  procurement

Spend more time with excellent candidates and less time scanning documents searching for talent.

Employee relationship

Focus on making useful programs which helps to avoid problems from occurring rather than inspecting cases after issues have happened.

Learning and developing

Building courses to help employees learning and developing on their own.


Focus on being human-centric rather than on desk-work and papers.

Happier place to work

Make your employee happier every time they come to the workplace. This is the best way to retain talents.

Are you ready for HR processes automation ?


Better Payroll With RPA

Our software has automated 95% of the work required for making payroll monthly. Within just six weeks for implementation, a Hyper Automation Robot now manages all payroll modification which are sent via email from customers and update these changes to customer's SAP system.


  • Get ROI in just 3 months
  • Reduce costs by 70%
  • Reduce error rate to 0%
  • Make customer response times quicker
  • Reduce processing time by 80%

Faster On-boarding With RPA

With a mixture of Hyper Automation Robots and human, the company was able to reduce the time for employee on-boarding by 8 times per new employee. Accuracy level is also increased significantly by avoiding mistakes made by human.


  • Get 95% automation
  • Make processing time 8x faster
  • Get 100% accuracy rate
  • Get scalable infrastructure