more than 400 ratified free trade agreements (FTAs)


essential tools for handling free trade agreement


Handle supplier declarations effectively

  • Stable and obtain supplier declarations according to request
  • Allocate providers according to workflow for responsible people
  • Standard at international level for management operation of supplier’s declarations
  • Transfer essential data automatically for supplier’s declarations to your company’s ERP systems
  • Sending requests for supplier’s declarations manually or automatically - via e-mail or web app
  • Web app for data input from the supplier with easy-to-use tool for the supplier to modify particular parts of original data and add more information
  • Automation for smart follow up including reminder notifications
  • Priority for supplier orders according to price of items and the level of usage of materials

Regulated and qualified agreement

  • Configs are available to users with particular rules of origin for each FTAs
  • App of the resilience for rules of fee shift
  • Build-up rules is available, as accepted by each agreement
  • Variety of FTAs (EU-MERCOSUR, CETA, NAFTA, JEFTA, ASEAN) which are used for adjustment processes
  • Include the American Automobile Labelling Act (AALA)
  • Many FTAs for allowing one adjustment to handle multiple agreements
  • Adjustable and customizable rules of origin (for example: adding the percent of regional value rule for minimizing risk)
  • Get the advantages delivered by forthcoming FTAs  (for example: EU Singapore, EU Vietnam) to leverage your strong position

Enhanced origin measurement

  • Certainty of the origin of goods and the origin as trade agreement (for each product or a range of products)
  • Measure the origin of goods automatically for extensive bill of materials with many levels
  • Adjustable defaults and limit thresholds
  • Measurement of the threshold value
  • Include min and max for price adjustment
  • Measurement for the origin of goods between systems

Allow supplier affirmation for customers

  • Measure again automatically when there are changes and update corresponding documents
  • Measurements based on transaction also includes adjustable bill of items
  • Analyze many validation timeline of documents with different agreements

Optimize business process

  • Sending bill with many level of goods trait from your ERP and production systems
  • Archive supplier data immediately from orders, ERP and management systems
  • Rebound measurement output results to ERP systems for other processes (for example invoice printing)

Cleaner documentation

  • Accurate reports for each measurement
  • Search and analytic of unqualified products
  • Easy for audit processes
  • Detailed information & accurate forecast for cost saving opportunities
  • Better cost optimization and improving competitiveness

The need of exporters

holistic approach towards creating a single, audit-able, global platform

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