Enterprise content management

We have 15 years on supporting 

  • Save million of dollars for document storage infrastructures 
  • No longer stress for finding document in these dusted spaces

ISO 23081:2021 ECM


Increase efficient works by centralizing information for entire organization

Time & Cost

Save employee time, propose the needed information in just minutes. Reduce the file storage and paper and mailing need

Security & Compliant

Protect the confidential information embrace government and industry compliant with ISO 23081 and TCVN 12199

Common capture ways

  • Scanning, Drag & Drop, Data extraction 
  • Network drives & Fax server 
  • Integrations with other applications 
  • Electronic forms 
  • Web crawlers, other internet tools

Outstanding capabilities

  • Tasks distribution 
  • Automated Email or Notifications 
  • Scheduling or Orchestration 
  • Create Workflows 
  • Call external actions