Enterprise Content Management

We have 15 years on supporting Information silos

  • Save million of dollars for document storage infrastructures 
  • No longer stress for finding document in these dusted spaces

ISO 23081:2021 ECM


Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system enables enterprises to leverage structured and unstructured data to improve business outcomes. ECM systems rely on rule-based approaches to extract, classify, and enrich data. With advancements in Mojo AI, Enterprises can now execute ECM applications more autonomously with higher levels of compliance.

6 components of Insilos Platform


Increase efficient works by centralizing information for entire organization

Time & Cost

Save employee time, propose the needed information in just minutes. Reduce the file storage and paper and mailing need

Security & Compliant

Protect the confidential information embrace government and industry compliant with ISO 23081 and TCVN 12199

Outstanding capabilities

  • Tasks distribution 
  • Automated Email or Notifications 
  • Scheduling or Orchestration 
  • Create Workflows 
  • Call external actions

Seamless Data Experience

ECM integrating AI 

Delivers exceptional benefits in managing and optimizing production processes. Leveraging intelligent data and automation enhances efficiency, synchronizes information, and increases productivity within manufacturing facilities.

Data interchange on with Insilos + Mojo AI

Customer success stories

Mong Duong AES Plant

Management Of Change

Formulating an in-depth change management blueprint aimed at fostering sustainable initiatives and ensuring the preservation of the environment in the long run at the energy plant.

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Mobifone Mobion

AI Content Censorship

Utilizing AI technology for video moderation, streamlining approval processes, and generating comprehensive reports, Insilos leading to an 80% reduction in manual tasks. Impressive.

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