Digiforce No-code Platforms (DNCPs)​

 Revolutionising digital transformation.

The ability to adapt to a rapidly changing work environment has become paramount for modern businesses.
How a business responds to these changes can be key to an organization's long-term success or failure. Since then, the use of no-code is an increasingly popular way for businesses to adapt to any changing conditions.

 By leveraging a no-code Intelligent Automation cloud platform, business users can seamlessly design intelligent workflows that align with their unique requirements, leading to improved operational efficiencies and heightened transparency. This empowers them to achieve greater outcomes while minimizing resource expenditure, costs, and potential risks.


From manual, time-intensive work flows and techniques …

Reliance on dedicated developers to participate in every step of the development cycle, from planning to maintenance, contributes to higher costs and talent gaps

Manual infrastructure configuration and monitoring is associated with high mean time to recovery , security risks, and duplication of tasks, resulting in inefficient use of resources

Developers write code collaboratively as "programming companions" on the same workstation, spending a lot of man-hours building the program

Development cycles are slow as teams experience outages, code has more bugs, and time is spent on manual tasks

… to automated, simplified, and faster development techniques

Unlock the potential of your teams with a no-code Intelligent Automation platform that revolutionizes your business operations. By creating intelligent, automated workflows, you can achieve greater productivity and efficiency with minimal effort. 

Built from the ground up, this platform offers all the essential capabilities to optimize your work processes and maximize your resources. 

Empower your employees to design and build enterprise-scale processes, seamlessly connecting powerful applications that can adapt and evolve alongside your business needs. 

Experience the speed and simplicity of the visual, pre-built module approach that makes no-code a game-changer. 

Why are the technologies interesting, compared with what already exists?


 The rise of no-code gives an opportunity for anyone to suggest ideas for business development and implement these in workflows using no-code platforms. This empowers a larger workforce to directly engage with the technological aspects of a business . 


Augmenting brain capacity is perpetually a positive thing! It facilitates the generation of innovative ideas and encourages the experimentation of various methodologies, enabling a more agile approach to workflow creation and empowering employees.


Get more done with less effort. Speed is also key, no-code is also far quicker because it is a visual process using pre-built modules.

Automating manual tasks into workflows frees up staff for other more stimulating jobs, making their day at work more enjoyable, this means that business development goals can be achieved at a quicker pace.  


No-code gives a solution to bypass huge overheads for developers and consultants, meaning your current employees won’t lose their jobs in the process. Workflows can be built quicker, at a cheaper cost, using the talent in your business’ existing teams.

The less time it takes to build, the less resources are wasted

Anything else that concerns you about no-code platforms:

How can I make the system without programming or data knowledge?


Absolutely can. This is because, as the name suggests, code is displayed graphically. However, there can be risks to your data as your system needs grow as well as your company starts to get bigger.

 And don't worry, we will support you in the beginning, so you can design the core system (certainly limited time for consultant). 

Engineers with deep expertise and more than 15 years of implementation experience, we will help you on designing a completely separate system for your specific business model.

So is it any different from previous software?

It's different! because we have solved the most difficult problem of enterprise digital transformation, which is the coordination and understanding of employees with the new system.

When your employees are directly involved, you don't need to worry about motivating and keeping them going.

Is the development of each employee the development of the business?

What's more, you and your employees own your system.

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No-code platforms

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