AI Analytics Solution for Video Content Censorship for Mobifone

AI technologies to address the challenges of content censorship in the digital age, ultimately driving compliance


Mobifone, one of Vietnam's largest telecommunications companies, offers a wide range of services, including mobile communications, internet services, and digital content distribution. With the increasing demand for video content, Mobifone faced the challenge of ensuring that all content distributed through its platform complied with Vietnam's stringent censorship regulations, including copyright compliance, content quality, appropriate ratings, and adherence to national interests such as the accurate representation of territorial maps (e.g., Truong Sa and Hoang Sa). To address this, Mobifone partnered with Innoria to implement an advanced AI analytics solution for video content censorship.


  1. Regulatory Compliance: Vietnam has strict regulations regarding content that can be broadcasted, particularly concerning sensitive political, cultural, and social issues. Ensuring compliance with these regulations was paramount to avoid penalties and maintain Mobifone’s reputation.
  2. Copyright Compliance: Ensuring that all video content adhered to copyright laws and did not infringe on intellectual property rights was critical to prevent legal issues.
  3. Content Quality and Ratings: Monitoring and maintaining high content quality and ensuring appropriate age ratings were essential for customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.
  4. National Interest Compliance: Ensuring that content accurately represented national interests, such as the correct depiction of Vietnamese territorial maps (including Truong Sa and Hoang Sa), was crucial for maintaining national integrity.
  5. Volume of Content: The sheer volume of video content uploaded and streamed on Mobifone’s platform required a scalable solution that could efficiently manage and review vast amounts of data.
  6. Real-Time Monitoring: Mobifone needed a solution that could provide real-time monitoring and censorship of live-streamed content to ensure immediate compliance with regulatory standards.
  7. User Experience: Ensuring that the censorship process did not negatively impact user experience was crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and engagement.

Solution Implementation

Innoria provided Mobifone with a comprehensive AI analytics solution for video content censorship, featuring advanced technologies and robust capabilities:

  1. Automated Content Analysis: The software utilized AI and machine learning algorithms to automatically analyze video content for compliance with Vietnam's censorship regulations. This included detecting and flagging inappropriate content related to political, cultural, and social sensitivities, as well as ensuring copyright compliance and quality standards.
  2. Copyright Detection: The AI system scanned video content for potential copyright infringements, ensuring that all content adhered to intellectual property laws and preventing unauthorized use of copyrighted material.
  3. Quality and Rating Compliance: The solution assessed the quality of video content and assigned appropriate age ratings based on predefined criteria, ensuring that content met regulatory standards and was suitable for various audience segments.
  4. National Interest Compliance: The software included specific algorithms to detect and verify the accurate representation of Vietnamese territorial maps, such as Truong Sa and Hoang Sa, ensuring compliance with national interests.
  5. Scalability: The solution was designed to handle the high volume of video content on Mobifone’s platform, ensuring efficient processing and review without delays.
  6. Real-Time Monitoring: The software offered real-time monitoring and censorship of live-streamed content, allowing for immediate action to be taken if non-compliant content was detected.
  7. User-Friendly Interface: The solution featured an intuitive interface that allowed Mobifone’s content management team to easily review flagged content, make necessary adjustments, and ensure compliance.
  8. Seamless Integration: Innoria’s solution seamlessly integrated with Mobifone’s existing content distribution and management systems, ensuring a smooth workflow and minimal disruption to operations.


The implementation of Innoria’s AI analytics solution brought significant improvements to Mobifone’s operations:

  1. Enhanced Compliance: Automated content analysis and real-time monitoring ensured that all video content met Vietnam's strict regulatory standards, reducing the risk of penalties and enhancing Mobifone’s compliance efforts.
  2. Copyright Adherence: The system effectively identified and flagged potential copyright infringements, ensuring that all video content was legally compliant and protected from intellectual property disputes.
  3. Improved Content Quality and Ratings: The solution ensured that all content met quality standards and was appropriately rated, improving customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.
  4. National Integrity Maintenance: Accurate detection and verification of territorial maps ensured that all content adhered to national interests, maintaining Vietnam's territorial integrity.
  5. Increased Efficiency: The automated review process significantly reduced the time and effort required to manage and censor video content, allowing Mobifone to handle a larger volume of content with existing resources.
  6. Improved User Experience: By efficiently managing content censorship without noticeable delays, Mobifone was able to maintain a high-quality user experience for their customers.
  7. Operational Integration: Seamless integration with existing systems improved data accuracy and operational efficiency, leading to smoother logistics operations and better resource allocation.


Innoria’s AI analytics solution for video content censorship proved to be an invaluable tool for Mobifone, enabling the telecom giant to efficiently manage and censor video content in compliance with Vietnam’s stringent regulations. This case study highlights the importance of leveraging advanced AI technologies to address the challenges of content censorship in the digital age, ultimately driving compliance, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

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