​​Monitor, Report, and Accelerate ESG Performance With AI

Leverage AI to Operationalize ESG

INSILOS ESG uses AI to boost companies' ESG performance. It unifies data, automates reporting, enhances carbon tracking, analyzes stakeholder priorities, and provides quick insights.


time and resources required for ESG reporting and GHG emissions calculation​.


accuracy and transparency of GHG emissions calculations and ESG performance data​


ESG plans and goals in alignment with stakeholder priorities​

AI-Based ESG Management

Pain point​

ESG Solution​

ESG plans and goals in alignment with stakeholder priorities​

Unified ESG data across disparate enterprise systems as Blockchain provides single source of truth and robust data lineage and audit-ability reduces compliance risk.

Difficulty tracking priority ESG issues across critical stakeholders

AI-based stakeholder monitoring and generative AI summaries track perception in near real-time to surface key insights and and reduce risk

Tedious process to perform GHG emissions calculations

Automated Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions calculation according to the GHG Protocol including NLP-based fuzzy matching to select the appropriate emission factor

Inability to track progress against enterprise ESG goals

Goal setting and real-time tracking helps achieve enterprise ESG targets and generative AI-enabled search surfaces relevant progress insights

Difficulty keeping up with rapidly evolving reporting requirements

Native support for all major ESG reporting standards and generative AI drafting streamlines reporting across frameworks

Lack of data and process to determine strategy and mitigate risks to achieving ESG goals

Plan management and optimization workflows including marginal abatement cost curve facilitate centralized planning and risk management

Benefits for Professionals

Head of Sustainability / ESG

Define sustainability strategy, set goals, manage plans, and engage priority stakeholders effectively.

Finance Professionals

Identify investor ESG priorities, easily access relevant data with a generative AI-powered natural language search interface, and meet investor informational needs.

ESG Reporting Manager

Manage ESG data, prepare reports in accordance with various frameworks, leverage generative AI-powered draft disclosures, and respond to stakeholder requests for data.

Emissions Data Owner​

Improve efficiency and specificity of Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon accounting and identify key hotspots and opportunities to engage with suppliers.


Scope 1, 2, and 3

Emissions tracked in corporate decarbonization plans