Origin Management System 

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Certificate of origin of your product

Verification of a product's certificate of origin is a fundamental aspect of international trade documentation, serving to validate the source of goods in an export shipment. COM offers exporters a user-friendly platform for generating precise certificates of origin, facilitating seamless customs declaration processes. 

Furthermore, COM enables managers to monitor inventory through various reports, empowering them to oversee inventory discrepancies and material wastage in manufacturing operations.

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Notice of duplicate/difference

Between newly added data and existing data, the system will notify the Manager if the newly added data coincides with the existing data in the system, or the newly added data matches but has a different part of the data from the available data. 

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Adjusting material scrap

Our Origin Management System offers the capability to fine-tune the percentage of residual material waste, guaranteeing precise reconciliation between the closing inventory values in the input and output statements and the actual inventory records in the enterprise resource planning system.

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Save Time

Intelligent automation and accurate data make the customs clearance process hassle-free.

Grow Business

Satisfy your customers by helping them enjoy special offers from international Free Trade Agreement.

Risk Mitigation

Directly sourced from the customs system and FTA standard origin criteria, intelligently calculated to minimize data risks.

Reduce Cost

Spend less time, money and effort processing your product's provenance data through COM automation. 

Carbon Footprint 

of products and organizations 

Blockchain's transparency and smart contract capabilities are valuable for managing and reducing carbon emissions in international trade, promoting global efforts to lower carbon footprints through sustainable practices.

Certainly! Blockchain technology has been harnessed to address the carbon footprint with Smart Contract, By using blockchain, we can design globally accessible and fully automated incentive systems that directly reward individuals, companies, and governments for participating in sustainable practices. - Zen Pham - CEO of Innoria

Carbon Emission Trading

Blockchain can enhance the system of carbon asset transactions. For instance, IBM and Energy Blockchain Lab are collaborating to develop a blockchain platform for trading carbon assets in China.

Tracking EGG Emissions

Mining companies are utilizing blockchain to monitor embedded greenhouse gas (EGG) emissions, showcasing transparency and accountability in raw material sourcing.

Tokenizing Real-World Assets

Blockchain's ability to tokenize assets, such as real estate or renewable energy, could transform the carbon credit market by enhancing efficiency and expanding participation.

Sotrans OMS

VCCI Approval for the first C/O with FTA

OMS cover FTA form A, E for FTA in Vietnam FDI company

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Swarovski COM


OMS cover FTA form A, E for FTA in Vietnam FDI company

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