Certificate of Origin Management System 

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Certificate of origin of your product

Verification of a product's certificate of origin plays a vital role in international trade documentation, as it provides confirmation that the goods in a specific export shipment were acquired, manufactured, or fully processed within a designated country. However, gathering this data from supply chain was fraught with difficulties. INNORIA C/O System provides exporters with a user-friendly platform to effortlessly generate accurate certificates of origin for smooth customs declaration.

Digiforce certificate of origin System

In addition, C/O system helps managers track inventory based on multiple reports, and also helps managers control inventory deviations and material scrap in manufacturing. C/O system is developed on Digiforce No Code Platform with Hyper Automation applied.

Notice of duplicate/difference between newly added data and existing data

The system will notify the Manager if the newly added data coincides with the existing data in the system, or the newly added data matches but has a different part of the data from the available data.

Adjusting material scrap

COM System allows adjusting the percentage of ending material scrap in percent to ensure that the ending inventory on the input and output statement according to the material code matches the actual inventory report from the enterprise resource planning system.

Save Time

Intelligent automation and accurate data make the customs clearance process hassle-free.

Grow Business

Satisfy your customers by helping them enjoy special offers from international Free Trade Agreement.

Risk Mitigation

Data is taken directly from the customs system along with the FTA standard origin criteria, which are intelligently calculated to help you no longer risk data.

Reduce Cost

Spend less time, money and effort processing your product's provenance data through COM automation.

Blockchain for trade facilitation 

Blockchain is a peer-to-peer (P2P) technology that records and verifies transactions in a decentralized and cryptographically secure manner. Blockchain applications can globally manage any type of records such as import and export declarations, invoices, bills of lading (BL) and certificates of origin (CO). This is a promising technology for several fields, including international trade.