Input is no longer an issue: Images, documents, emails, conversations, etc. are all data. No need to enter manually.

Unified information repository: All data is collected and centralized in one place.

Make decisions quickly: AI analyzes and provides strategic metrics

Customer care chatbot: Personalize sales and customer care

Automate purchase: Analyze data and provide operational optimization information, supporting better decision making. 

Sale chatbot: Use artificial intelligence skills in converting leads to revenue generation and concurrent support.

Imagine ERP with AI

ERP before and after AI

Technical ConstraintERP Systems+ Mojo AI
Primary FunctionManage and automate core business processesCapable of understanding complex inputs from various sources
Data HandlingPrimarily handle structured business dataProcess and integrate multiple types of data (text, images, audio, video)
FlexibilityStructured around specific business functionsDesigned to adapt to new types of data and tasks
Cognitive AbilitiesDependent on the source code of the programmerExchange and understand natural language. Conversation, text, images.
Technology IntegrationMay integrate AI capabilities but not as a core featureOften incorporate the latest AI advancements
ImplementationRequires understand business processes, ERP softwareUsing natural language to perform tasks and solve problems
Use CasesSupply chain management, financials, CRM, HRMVirtual assistant, content creation, problem-solving involving experience and creativity

Extensible Tools

Adds unlimited new functionality and enhances its capabilities. Let me know if you need further assistance with any specific aspect of this process.

Chatbot Workflow

All business processes will now be visualized as a work instruction document rather than dry source code components.