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Building a business with compliance​

Insilos is a platform for governance, risk, and compliance. It's a software suite that spans from establishing policies, procedures, and guidelines to identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks, and then monitoring activities to ensure they comply with legal and regulatory requirements, industry standards, and internal guidelines. 

designed for ease for ISO9001, ISO22001, ISO22001, ISO27001, ISO45001, ISO50001 of use, is configurable to enable organizations like yours to set the highest quality standard.


Business Process Management or Robotic Process Automation, which to choose for governance risk and compliance ? The right choice depends on the challenge you need to overcome, and surprisingly, the right answer is often “BOTH.”

  • Social: Transforming how employees engage with management system.
  • Integrated: Connect all your organization processes in one place.
  • Insights: Gain deep understanding of your organization data.


The simplest, most effective means for defining and documenting project roles and responsibilities.


 When an issue arises, the correct personnel are notified at the correct time with correct action is taken. Every time.

governance, risk and compliance


Fishbone visualization for controlling all aspect of risk registers     


Control situations where two or more operations or activities occur at the same time and place in a facility

Governance modules


Mitigate risk and standardize your approach to the risk.


Reliability Centered Management with best practice model by machine learning. 



Manage your plant & assets with a fully-automated solution. 


The place for process document publishing like Enterprise Content Management


Report incidents in real time quickly and accuracy with immediate response


Easily create, issue and manage your work permits.


Control changes from start to finish, from when request , analyze the impacts, approve, implement and show  reports.


Embrace paperless auditing and eliminate the threats.


Keep track of all your contractors’ actions and documents.


Implement your training programs and track course completion.

Quality must be an essential trait of your business

Modern problems requires modern solutions, our administration platform will help your business take a big leap forward.

Powerful and Intuitive is what we deliver

Implement a strong management system that meets industry standards, ensuring consistent business practices across all employees.

Tangible benefits


Understand the consequences of subpar quality and its implications on overall performance and customer satisfaction


Enhance customer satisfaction levels by providing exceptional service and personalized experiences to drive an increase in your Net Promoter Score.


Avoid facing fines and legal consequences due to breaches of local or international laws

Intangible benefits


Decrease the amount of incoherent communication, conflicts, and distractions. 


Upgraded insurance options offer increased control over coverage, enhanced clarity in policy terms, and improved liability protection.


Direct your attention towards the essential metrics and targets that are crucial for your customer's success.

Operation Round Software

Operation Round software designed to manage the recording, checking, and monitoring of equipment/system activities within the factory on a regular or scheduled basis.

 Operation Round helps minimize errors, detects issues promptly, and reduces redundant documentation compared to traditional manual methods, thereby saving time and optimizing employee tasks.

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Health, Safety, Environment Software (HSE)

HSE software, a critical tool for businesses, ensures the health and safety of employees as well as environmental protection in the workplace. 

By integrating key factors into a unified platform, it allows for efficient risk management, compliance with regulations, and implementation of proactive measures to minimize risks. From monitoring employee health to tracking environmental impacts, HSE software helps organizations maintain optimal health and safety standards and promotes sustainable working environments.

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Permit to Work Software

Permit to Work software is designed for digitizing documents for managing work permits that includes specific processes for requesting, recording, reviewing, and authorizing tasks to be carried out by designated employees. 

Permit to Work systems help reduce conflicts in task assignment as everything is recorded. Saving time, minimizing errors, and optimizing statistical and management aspects

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Risk-base Centered Maintenance Software

Equipment maintenance management based on Risk-based Centered Methodology (RCM) involves a systematic approach to prioritizing maintenance tasks and strategies based on the risks associated with equipment failures.

RCM provides a structured framework for optimizing equipment maintenance strategies based on risk analysis, ensuring that maintenance efforts are aligned with business objectives and operational realities.

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Virtual Risk Assessment Software

Involves conducting a comprehensive evaluation of potential hazards, risks, and safety measures within the factory environment using virtual or digital tools.

Leverages digital technologies to assess, analyze, and mitigate potential risks and hazards within the workplace, ultimately promoting a safer and more efficient working environment for employees.

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Management of Change Software (MOC)

Management Of Change (MOC) software designed to ensure that every change to a process, environment, or system is thoroughly considered and executed safely and efficiently. 

MOC software provides tools and processes to manage the management of change process from start to finish. It allows for change proposals, provides mechanisms for impact assessment, supports approval and review processes, monitors the implementation of changes, ensuring correct progress.

Finally, MOC involves data collection and feedback for learning and improvement in the future. MOC software not only helps ensure safety and compliance in the workplace but also enhances organizational performance and learning capabilities during the change process.

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Simultaneous Operations Software (SIMOPS)

SIMOPs software is intuitive software designed to handle situations where two or more activities occur simultaneously, which can lead to conflicts or collisions resulting in increased risk exposure. 

SIMOPs software not only resolves such scenarios but also provides tools and processes to manage and mitigate the risks associated with these concurrent activities. It enables tracking and assessing interactions between activities, helping users identify and respond promptly to conflicting or hazardous situations. Thus, SIMOPs play a crucial role in ensuring safety and efficiency in the working environment.

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