Implementing LOTO and Permit to Work

Ensuring Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is crucial, especially in industrial settings in Vietnam. Two essential methods for ensuring safety are LOTO (Lockout-Tagout) and Permit to Work.

LOTO (Lockout-Tagout) 

LOTO is a system to control the energy of machinery during maintenance or repair to prevent accidents. It involves:

  • Lockout: Using locks to prevent machinery from starting.
  • Tagout: Using warning tags to indicate machinery should not be operated.
  • Verification: Confirming that energy sources are controlled and safe before work begins.

Permit to Work 

PTW is a procedure to obtain permission before undertaking specific tasks like maintenance or working in hazardous environments. This ensures:

  • Workers are trained and aware of risks and preventive measures.
  • Safety checks are done before work starts.
  • Supervision and regular checks to ensure safety during work.


To raise awareness and effectively implement LOTO and Permit to Work:

  • Training and Awareness: Conduct regular training sessions on workplace safety, focusing on LOTO and Permit to Work.
  • Establish Policies and Procedures: Implement clear safety policies, including specific procedures for LOTO and Permit to Work.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Regularly assess and adjust procedures to address new risks.
  • Use of Technology and Equipment: Invest in technologies and tools to facilitate LOTO and Permit to Work processes.

Implementing these measures will improve workplace safety in Vietnamese factories and organizations, protecting workers from accidents and promoting productivity in a safe environment.


As the industrial sector progresses, throughly over 16 modules of INSILOS (Intelligent Silos), the transition towards digitizing permit-to-work and isolations processes is becoming an essential strategy for companies striving to enhance safety and efficiency. The integration of CoW software with digital PTW tools offers a comprehensive, tailored solution to meet the unique challenges of contemporary industrial environments, from expansive asset networks to complex manufacturing facilities.

Adopting these digital innovations signifies more than a mere update to existing safety protocols; it represents a commitment to a future where safety and operational efficiency are fundamentally linked, ensuring the protection and well-being of the workforce while promoting sustainable operational practices. This future is built on innovation, with the adoption of sophisticated PtW tools marking a critical step forward, setting new standards for industrial safety and operational excellence.

(Narrated by Sang Ho - Insilos Team - HSE Solution for dozen of Energy Factories)

Control of work (CoW) software is a critical segment of operational risk management, encompassing functionality for digital permit to work (PtW) management, job hazard analysis (JHA) and risk assessment, isolation management, and shift management.
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