Mojo is a lasting AI solution for your long term needs on content creations


Generative Ai Art

Text/image to image with Multiple Styles

Unleash your creativity with Mojo AI's diverse artistic styles. Discover endless creativity with Mojo AI's 70 diverse art styles, from anime and fantasy to origami and beyond.

Artistic QR Generator

Text/QR to QR Art

QR code is unmistakable and affirms the brand. Craft unique and captivating artistic QR codes with their flexibility.

Brand on Image

 Artificial intelligence is merely a meaningless picture. The whole world is in your ideas, creativity has no limits. Mojo AI turns your dreams into a unique artistic reality, included short text, logo.

Swapface - Video


Combination of artificial characters and real characters. New masterpieces bring new inspiration.

Take less than 1 minute to create a video from a novel idea.