AI Record & Playback your activities .. so easy!

Redefining internet surfing by transforming natural language instructions into seamless browser interactions.​

designed to automate menial tasks on behalf of its users, many of these tasks are repetitive, time-consuming, and require little to no cognitive effor

Free up time for more meaningful endeavors

By automating these tasks, Digiforce aims to free up time for more meaningful endeavors, allowing users to focus on what truly matters to them.

Providing an engine turning natural language queries into automation code, Digiforce is designed to make it easy for users or other AIs to automate easily express web workflows and execute them on a browser.

filling out forms or pulling data from specific websites

One of the key usages we see is to automate tasks that are personal to users and require them to be logged in, for instance automating the process of paying bills, filling out forms or pulling data from specific websites.

Built on transformers and llama-index, and leverages AI models, either locally or remote, to ensure the transparency of the agent and ensures that it is aligned with users' interests.

Local models for privacy and control

Supports local models like Gemma-7b so that users can fully control their AI assistant and have privacy guarantees.

Advanced AI techniques

Then leverages Few-shot learning and Chain of Thought to elicit the most relevant Selenium code to perform the action without having to finetune the LLM

Natural Language Processing

Understands instructions in natural language to perform browser interactions.: Seamlessly automating web browsers activities.